nopCommerce is an open-source ecommerce solution built on top of the latest Microsoft technologies. The application has a module-based architecture that offers great flexibility and extensibility in terms of customization. The solution can be suitable to both single-person retailers, small to medium-sized companies as well as larger organisations. The system management backoffice has a user-friendly, modern-looking graphical user interface and rich functionality. New backoffice users will quickly learn how to manage the solution due to intuitive and consistent menu navigation and configuration layout.

Just a few of nopCommerce highlights are listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about nopCommerce and our services.

Mobile online store

When we implement your online store based on nopCommerce, you get a mobile-friendly web shop. nopCommerce utilizes the responsive design approach that automatically adjusts the presentation of the store based on what type of device the customer uses at the moment.

Checkout and payment flow

The application offers both registered user and anonymous checkout workflows. It will give you the option to control if you want your store to require customer registration or also allow the anonymous users (non-registered) to complete the purchse. The checkout supports a single-page checkout for enhanced end-user experience.

Multi-store support

nopCommerce allows you to manage several online stores from a single installation. The stores may have different domain names and completely different graphical themes. You can manage your customers, products and orders from the same instance of the application. You can also share products between the stores within the same installation. The same customer account can be connected to several stores for enhanced customer experience. 

Vendors and Drop Shipping (direct delivery)

Register vendors for your products so that your vendors can get a separate login to your system and manage the sales for vendor-specific products as well as enrich the data for vendor-specific products. This functionality enables the drop shipping delivery when you do not need to keep the goods in stock. The corresponding vendor/retailor is notified about the order and ships the goods directly to the client. The order payment is processed to the store owner who must regulate the payment towards the vendor afterwards.



nopCommerce offers more than 50 different payment options. IDP Solutions has developed a special plugin "Klarna Checkout" that enables payments via Klarna payment service provider. It is also possible to handle recurring payments with nopCommerce.


nopCommerce allows you to handle different VAt rates and tax classes. You can manage separate VAT classes for different product categories, customer groups and countries as well as configure if the shipping costs are VAT exempted or not.


  • You have a great deal of control when it comes to presentation of your products
  • Product attributes: add custom product attributes, such as color, model, size etc
  • Customers can leave comments and ratings for your products
  • Customers can compare products
  • Manage stock for products
  • Different prices for different customer groups
  • Discounts, promotions and campaigns


nopCommerce is suitable for a wide range of products, for example:

  •  Digital and downloadable
  •  Rentable products
  •  Subscriptions
  •  Customizable products
  •  Grouped products (variants)